Hi guys, Everyone knows I am such a huge foodie by now… give me burgers, pizzas, chips, doughnuts you name it! The one thing I love about parties is the food, like, if there’s no food I am not going. When I met Maurice he introduced me to this App called The Entertainer. Prior to that day I had no clue what it was or how it worked but the day he took me out and used it the first time I was completely and utterly hooked.

I speak about this  App so often to my friends and family it’s insane, guys if you have never heard me speak about it then here we go.

The Entertainer App is like a hub that offers you a buy one get one free service from Restaurants, Beauty and Fitness, Attractions and Leisures, Retail and Services and Hotels Worldwide, and included in the 2018 is Fashion and Retail.. such a cool add on!

It really is the newest way to save save save and still treat yourself without causing damage to your bank account and it is so easy to use!  If you like food (like me) this app is for you. If you like adventure and trying new things, this app is for you. If you like taking care of your body and going for Spa-cations then this app is for you! This App seriously caters to all your needs, you can fill your belly, have fun and save while you’re at it.

The great thing about this App is that it introduces new restaurants, hotels and activities that you’ve never heard of before, which is really cool. Each year new places get added onto the App so you have even more to pick from.

If you download the App now you might still make it for the early bird special for R395.00 and it normally retails for R495.00. That is nothing to the amount you save throughout the year, we have already saved R2618 and we haven’t even used the App like we did last year (you know, we have a wedding soon hehe). This is great for just you and your partner/friend or even for bigger crowds. Each restaurant/ hotel/ spa/ activity offers 3 vouchers that you can redeem at any time of the year besides public holidays (read more here). I recommend this App to you guys honestly, so many of you comment on my insta-stories and ask me where a certain restaurant or place is and I always say “download The Entertainer App, it’s a game changer” and it really is! Such great feed back from the ones who have already started using it, you guys make me proud *tears*

A lot of you have been asking me on Instagram how this works so here is a short video on how to use The Entertainer:

Available on the App Store, Android app on Google Play, Download on Samsung Apps

Maurice and I were so happy to have been invited to the Entertainer 2018 Launch at the Comedy Club which you saw on my Instagram. I have never been there before (weird, I know) and it was so much fun. The evening was spent eating and laughing our butts off. The crowd was so chilled it really was a great experience I think it was the perfect venue to host such a feel good App. They introduced 2 new features on to the App which is the Entertainer Cheers and More Africa 2018 which is free when you download the App!

I am thoroughly excited about the Hotels worldwide feature as I am sure my fiance’ and I will be able to experience that after our wedding in Feb! I mean how exciting is that! Who doesn’t like the idea of traveling, and with this App it became a whole lot cost effective too!

My final words would be to download the app the minute you’re finished reading this and go and enjoy your savings 🙂 it really changes the way you spend

Now you can live the life you love and afford it as well 🙂



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