La Femme’

Good day beautiful people!! Geez, feels like I haven’t posted since last year, ok ok I’m being dramatic but it has been ages! I have had a hectic 2 weeks and I’m finally back on my feet! So, um any one willing to give me a massage (pulling out the “pretty pleases” from my pocket)…….??


Hello beauties, I trust you guys have had a great weekend? I really am confused with the changing of the weather! It’s really cold and foggy and then just 15 minutes later I’m dying of the heat. Urghhh….. this makes dressing up really tough.

Got the Blues

Good day Lovelies! “WINTER IS COMING”….. sounds a litto too Game Of Thrones? Well, I am a huge fan teehee. So yes, Winter is almost upon us and frankly I cannot wait. Warm jerseys, hot mugs of coffee/hot chocolate, blankets and staying inside with some big ol’socks on. Ahhh….bliss

Season Combo

Hello Beauties!! So, if you’ve noticed the mornings are getting a bit chilly, so you layer up like crazy because let’s face it, Cape Town weather is like bipolar. One minute it’s cold and the next you’re perspiring of the sudden heat. The only problem with this is that halfway through the day you realize that this morning, you put on all the wrong clothes!! (the struggle is real)


Hello beauties! I don’t know about you, but most Mondays are not my “bright eyes and bushy tailed” days. Big and bright eyes from a whole lot of coffee maybe but definitely not when I have to think about what to wear early parts of the morning. Is it just me that feels that way?